MrQuintessential was born from a stark sartorial revelation. One day, the founder found himself staring into a wardrobe full of clothes far too immature for his years. This MrQuintessential wasn’t old, but certainly not young – indeed, the grey area most men fall into – but there was simply nothing which was designed for that middle ground. It’s a problem that suffuses the fashion world. On the one hand you have the ever-changing, vibrant and painfully trendy fashion world, then you have… not much else. The general ethos is that when you hit a certain age, you stop caring about looking your best. MrQuintessential set out to prove that fallacy wrong. The result is a range of clothes which balances effortless refinement with fashionable aesthetic touches, pieces which walk the tightrope between style and substance. Eminently wearable in a host of situations, MrQuintessential is set apart by the smaller details – a flash of colour here, an idiosyncratic touch of embellishment there. They are clothes that don’t need to shout; they exude confidence in every stitch. MrQuintessential allows the quality of their clothes to speak for themselves, every stitch an ode to consummate craftsmanship, each touch of the fabric a lyric of tactile, sumptuous excellence. V-necks, crews, polos and cardigans, MrQuintessential covers the essence of a man’s wardrobe, producing the items that every gentleman should own at any age. They may change each season, but they are items to be kept, not discarded as soon as their six-month lifespan is done with. Forget logos, initials and ‘signature’ patterns, discard thoughts of the dreaded array of iconographic paraphernalia and embrace a more subtle take on men’s style which balances personality with timelessness. If one day you too wake up and come to the same realisation as MrQuintessential, you know where to go.


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Rowan Row fashion blogger looking great in our Cove Bay crew neck on the streets of London.

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The Cheshire Magazine featuring our Warwick Hoodie & Arlington Sweats, as well as the Hastings Polo. Lovely coverage.

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