Guest Editor Mr Adrian Clark Talks About Ageless Dressing

I have always set great store in the belief; men, in the majority, grow wiser with age. We (hopefully) learn by our mistakes, and in terms of what we wear, develop an evolutionary understanding of what suits us best and can be relied upon, time-after-time, to fit-in with the demands of our individually chosen lifestyles. Some garments, like combat pants, duffle coats or skater-soled sneakers, have a ‘deadline’ in regard to midlife- appropriateness, and shouldn’t really be entertained past the age of 40. Whereas others, like a tweed jacket for example, are a rite of passage for older men but can look somewhat awkward, ageing even, on a younger audience. Knitwear, crafted from fine-quality yarns, that puts great emphasis on detail, is the great equaliser in my opinion.


I’m in my early-to-mid fifties now, and the roll-necks, cardigans and cashmere crew-necks which I have fondly call ‘the basics’ have always been the one area of my wardrobe, regardless of age and in-spite of transient trends, that has always had my back and never let me down. Buy less but buy better is my advice and build a relationship with a brand that you trust rather than playing the field; my go-to, since discovering the label a couple of years ago, is MrQuintessential, timeless, ageless and with a driven, well-defined brand identity. Accessibly priced, given its commitment to using only the finest quality-yarns; Mongolian cashmere, Australian wool, Egyptian cotton and Asian silk, the Harvard cable-knit V-neck sweater is a personal favourite, as is pretty much everything from the label’s successful foray into contemporary loungewear. Perfect for working from home and smoothly bridging the divide between casual and formal, expect a flattering and finely finished spin on sportswear classics like the zip-up sweatshirt, track-pant and long-sleeve polo in cashmere and merino combinations.


Avoiding the risk of wrongly guesstimating someone’s size, MrQuintessential’s accessory collection is a safe-place to find great Christmas gifts for men of any age, who appreciate the finer-things, and quite frankly who can really have enough cashmere scarves and gloves?




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