How To Work From Home, and Look Stylish

The year 2020 has been an incredible challenge for humanity, with the global COVID-19 pandemic completely changing how we go about our daily lives. In January, we were commuting and going about our business as normal but, by March, we were getting acquainted with our new working space at home not knowing when, or even if, we would be returning to the office.

No handshakes, no group meetings and no water-cooler banter. Instead, the height of our human interaction when working through emails comes when the children come running in at an inopportune moment or our partner poke their head around the door asking if we would like a cup of tea. Despite this new setting, staying on top of our game is essential and not just in a professional sense but in a fashion sense, too.

Mixing Comfort With Style

The professional man refuses to fall into the trap of rolling out of bed one minute before 9am, logging on wearing the pyjamas they went to bed in the night previous and sitting in them for the entirety of the day. When you dress well you feel even better because even when there is no audience for you to impress, you are doing it for yourself – which is the most important thing.

Ask anyone who worked from home as the normal in a pre-COVID world and they will tell you that dressing as though you are going to the office puts you in a professional frame of mind. Ditching the loungewear in favour of trousers or, at the very least, smart jeans and a presentable shirt that you won’t feel embarrassed wearing on a Zoom call is a must.

Of course, for a little treat – perhaps for your very own dress-down Friday – you can forgive yourself for sitting at your desk wearing your stylish yet ultra-comfortable cashmere sweatpants. After all, your colleagues aren’t going to be seeing anything from the waist down on your video call and, let’s be honest, they probably have similar ideas!

A V-Neck for All Occasions

One of the most adaptable pieces of fashion any man should own is a v-neck sweater – in fact, he should own several. That is because the sweater is an ideal piece that blends into almost any outfit, casual or formal, and keeps you feeling comfortable. In these times of working from home, this is the perfect item of clothing to have on your person in case of a surprise video call from the boss or an important client – this way, they will know you are on top of your game 100% of the time. They will have to get up early to catch you out!

Additionally, the v-neck sweater can be paired with either a completely formal trouser and shoe combination or a casual jean and trainer pairing. Whatever you are feeling on any given day, you will give off the correct impression through the computer screen or a socially-distanced meeting with friends or family.

Even though we may not be leaving the home as much as we used to, that is no excuse to allow our standards to slide. At MrQuintessential, we have built a reputation for smart wearable fashion and we won’t allow a pandemic to change that, just the same as our clients who we will continue to cater for in these uncertain times.

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