MrQuintessential was born out of the idea that many things in my wardrobe looked too immature for my years. They say that men lose interest in fashion in their late 30s, but I strongly disagree; I still want to be stylish and to look and feel good. Even though I am well into middle age, I am too young to be old, and am too old to dress in high street clothes, emblazoned with logos and initials. These items are just too risky for a man with grey in his hair. I didn’t want to be seen as clinging to my youth but, instead, embracing my mature age with open arms whilst still retaining that same free spirit that continues to shine through from my formative years.


“Fashion is about identity. Men need clothes that are considered investment pieces, that fit perfectly, and look timeless. ”

MrQuintessential offers a range of beautiful knitwear in the finest fabrics available. We travel the world sourcing the best Mongolian cashmere, fine merino wool from Australia, cool cotton from Egypt, and silk from Asia. We only use small family run factories, who are ethically responsible, and stay away from mass production. Each piece has been finely crafted with the proper time and dedication, making sure that no materials are wasted and, certainly, no corners are cut. We look after all those who play a pivotal role in our production line, from the sourcing of material to manufacturing to the salesperson responsible for finding each piece a suitable home.

MrQuintessential creates clothes that look relaxed and indulgent, classic crew necks, v-necks, luxurious loungewear, cashmere robes, cardigans, and a range of beautiful accessories. The perfect fashion items for any man tired of selecting an outfit from a wardrobe that no longer reflects where he is in his life. Embracing maturity doesn’t mean kissing goodbye to who you were in your 20s, but instead bringing that same man into the present day.

Our mission is to become a well-known British brand that is unfussy, not complicated, with superb attention to detail. Luxurious, design-led and admired by those who take fashion seriously.

I hope you enjoy wearing our pieces.

Yours Sincerely,